Letsenrol Admission Catalyst

Letsenrol- Admission Catalyst a unique product from our organization, It is a perfect platform with a blend of interactivity and inclusiveness where students can search and register themselves at their desired institute. We at Letsenrol, guide students to explore the future of education through our intricate network of information like details of educational institutes, their admission process, student loans, and courses offered scholarship details and exchange programmes. It proficiently tailors the career pathways by offering quality counseling as well as assisting students through the below-mentioned Step by Step process modules:

  • Information : An Encyclopedic Compilation of College’s Information
  • Ranking : A Statistical Grading of Colleges based upon Exhaustive Parameters
  • Comparison : An Analytical Comparison of Colleges on Manifold Parameters
  • Predictor : Statistical Catalogue of Colleges Based on Candidate’s Academic and varied Entrance Examination’s Performance
  • Counseling : Genuine Recommendations from our Counselors based upon Candidate’s Academic Performance
  • Admission : Processed Online Admissions in accordance with Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines of the respective Colleges

How “LE-Admission Catalyst” Benefits College/University:

  • Offers a Golden opportunity to the deprived students who missed the college/university admission process.
  • Provides a gateway to College to Enrol some Highly Deserving Candidates.
  • Eases the lengthy admission process and provides a step by step guidance to the unaware students.
  • Slashes out the touts and agents who misguides the students.
  • Provides an Online Gateway for Colleges to offer admission to those students who could not outreach the College.
  • Our other core products helps us to get maximum footfall of desirable students.

How “LE-Admission Catalyst” Benefits Students:

  • Campus Visit : After short listing the desired colleges of your choice, we provide students this feature of visiting the campus of the selected colleges. This route to campus visit will be informative in regards to the facilities provided by the particular college administration.
  • Complete Admission Process : We guide students through the documentation and registration process by preparing the portfolio of all the required documents to save your energy and time
  • Internship Assistance : Internship Opportunities for On-Campus Internship deprived Candidates.
  • Placement Assistance : Personality cum Technical Grooming Sessions and Placement Assistance for On-Campus Placement deprived Candidates.
  • Cash Back : Up to 75% cash back on first year tuition fees for every student getting enrolled via letsenrol.com.
  • Referral Benefits : Any student enrolled via letsenrol referring another candidate gets rewarded.
  • Cost Free Service : Letsenrol does not charges any fee from students for any of the services provided.