Do you think it’s feasible to make online admission process a cakewalk for students in India?

Don’t you think that the long queues outside the colleges and universities could be avoided once online admission systems are brought in the campus?

Going with the preset scenario, it might seem difficult to attain the task of making online processes available in all campuses however, in the long run, it is not that tough to make the process a smooth go.

At this point of time, there are many educational institutes, school teachers and university teachers who are against online admission process. This strong protest against online admission process is because of lack of detailed knowledge of the system. Also they are unaware of using it effectively.

As a result, when the students approach them, they are unaware and helpless to tackle the situation. This kind of situation poses a negative attitude for technology and automation system which can simplify this critical manual process.

Hence the need of the hour is to provide appropriate training to staff to make effective use of the online system. The present admission system should be changed and made more user-friendly.

At a time when the world is moving ahead at a fast pace while adopting newer technologies, the education system also needs to run at the same pace.

And to catch up with this speed, effective training and awareness are required to cut such barriers which stop people to adopt to new systems.

In colleges where online facilities are available, there is a need to provide online and offline support. Presently, if either students or parents get stuck while filling the online forms, there is no help available at the help desk. This gives rise to frustration among parents as well as students.

Hence the system becomes tedious instead of becoming simpler. Hundreds of inquiries remain unanswered and there is no one available to handle such queries. So need of the hour is to look into the system to do away with the basic challenges and make admission process a sooth affair by bringing online techniques in practice

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