Engineering and MBA aspirants and their parents some time or another must have came across these lines “Direct admission in Engineering” or “Direct admission in MBA” , Admission without donation in engineering, admission without donation in MBA colleges.
It sounds very contradictory that how come it is possible to take direct admission in top MBA college without paying donation. The same goes with taking direct admission in top engineering college without donation.

If it is among top colleges, than why seats are always available? If not always, than too how come it is easily available? Is it a catch or the college taking direct admission is compromising on quality of intake? These are the questions which haunts a aspirants mind and their parent’s mind as well.
These doubts are worthy to think about. After all your admission is one of the key decisions that one takes to shape one’s career. Here we will discuss few facts about this topic. Though all these doubts can not be overruled, there are few things which gives us another prospective to look at this.
To start with, we will first engineering degree. In India, every year around 13 to 14 lac engineering aspirants are there who are seeking admission in colleges and universities which are offering around 15 lac seats to these aspirants. So aspirants are actually outnumbered by seats available with colleges and universities in total.
People think is direct admission means management quota seats, which involves donation amount and offered courses are on higher fee. This is true to some extent, but most direct admissions are on relevant exam basis and no donation is required.
People have this assumption that quality intake is not there in colleges who take direct admission as any student can take admission. Again this is not the fact, student has to be appeared in relevant examination and student needs to fulfill minimum score criteria, appear in GD and PI for admission.
Now every aspirant wants well known and most reputed institutions. These institutions have a limitation of seats to offer in comparison of admission seekers for that particular institutes. So the cutoff goes too high for most of the students. It does not mean that those are only the good colleges, but the fact is they are the only sought after colleges which brings them to lime lite.
There are many good colleges where seats left vacant because of different reasons. Normally students apply 4 to 5 colleges or more, they get selected in more than one college, they select one and rest colleges get left with one seat vacated by that student.
Private Universities have flexibility to increase their intake and it is approved by UGC as well. So they can accommodate larger number of students in comparison to state university affiliated  colleges.
People doubt that colleges taking direct admission will not provide adequate placement opportunity. This is again a baseless fear as admission process for direct admission too is designed to take quality intake. They do not compromise on their basic criteria. So the benchmark of their quality education should not be compromised. So placement is not affected because of direct admission.
The verdict is admission through counseling or direct admission, admission process hardly matters. What does matters is infrastructure, academics, faculty and placement records of institutions.

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