Should students do MBA after engineering ?

The answer is – ‘It depends’.

We see a lot of students around us, opting engineering without even giving any second thoughts about it. But, despite being ahead of the pack in their academic life, most software professional lose their identities in the ocean of faceless people just like them.

A very few engineers end up getting jobs. For the rest of them, the mid-life career crisis starts its onset earlier in their career. As opposed to the earlier generation of professionals who’d start hitting the glass wall after 15-20 years of working, for the current generation, the career cycles are shorter and more frequent.

Within 3-4 years, all the excitement of joining a new company at a higher salary dies down. However an MBA seems like a good way  for them to break away from the clutter and add a recognizable face back.


Is it meant for you ?

It’s high time for students to understand that doing MBA after engineering is not the right choice for everyone. That’s because engineering is a technical field which revolves around making a product. Whereas MBA is all about selling that product or making a business out of it.

You need to understand MBA is not for those want to stick to the technical part, but is an apt choice for those who want to step out of the technical part. As an MBA you’ll most likely have to learn to deal with people issues, not technical ones.  This requires a different skill set and if you have it, just go for it!


Pros of doing MBA after Engineering :

1. Get A Business Approach

 An MBA program gives engineers more exposure to business and management related issues which lack in an engineering program. An MBA degree adds strategic & qualitative skills to students’ analytical capability, making them a perfect choice for any employer. Furthermore, for those engineers who are planning to run their own business or to do consulting, an MBA makes sense. MBA will help in better understanding of the fundamentals of business that supplements the engineering and technical side. One becomes great in finding technical solution to the problem keeping the business principles in mind.

2. Faster Promotions

Getting faster promotions is one of the most important advantages of MBA after engineering. Having an MBA degree one can develop team leading & group management qualities, and hence those engineers having supplement of management can get faster promotions than those without an MBA.


3. Make more money

 Engineers joining management give multitasking ability for engineers. For example if an engineer has done MBA for acquire management skills, get job in technical department of any company. That engineer can also handle management responsibility as well. This helps to increase their salary package. In the competitive market scenario companies require multitasking employees.

Scope of MBA after Engineering

Once you complete MBA after engineering, you are open to options like :

  • Accounting and financial planning
  • Senior posts of managers board members
  • Financial Analyst
  • Being entrepreneurs
  • Working at banks because of their practice in public dealing and handling finance.
  • Sales co-ordinator, HR Recruiter, Direct Marketing Executive, team leads, project managers, business development, budgeting.


Best colleges for MBA

  • IIM ( Indian Institute of Management)
  • XLRI -Xavier School of Management is a management, Jamshedpur
  • IIFT – Indian Institute of foreign trade, New Delhi
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management, Mumbai
  • Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

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