Once students finish off their 10+2 examinations,the wrenching question is “Which college should I choose?”.While it comes to choosing a college,there are many areas of concern that has to be dealt with.One of the most vital question is “does location of college play an important role?“.The location of a college could have a significant impact on your college experience. From internship opportunities to expenses and extracurricular activities,when creating your college list a student needs to analyse and assess certain important factors.

Now,coming to the question:

Does location of a college play an important role?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a college is location. If you don’t like where you are living when you go to college, it may end up being a miserable experience, even if the college has everything you want. Remember that you are likely to end up attending college for four or more years before you earn your degree so make sure you are comfortable with the location where you’ll be living. If leaving home is not an option, consider attending a state college or community college in your area. If you are comfortable traveling a long way from home to earn your degree, then consider whether you want to live in a big city, metropolitan area, small town, near the beach, where it’s warm all year, etc.

Also, take some time to consider how the college’s location will affect your education. Colleges in big cities and “party towns” tend to have a lot of distractions that may affect your academic performance. On the other hand, it may be difficult to find extracurricular off-campus activities if you’re located in a small rural town. You should also take into account the crime rate and living costs when considering where you want to attend college.

Another option that is becoming increasingly popular and more widely accepted is the distance learning or online classes or degree route. This is especially popular for students that do not have a college or university nearby, for those students that still need to work full or part-time for income or experience purposes, or who need the flexibility of an online degree because of other competing family or personal priorities.

Why is your college location so important?

While students are confused whether location of college plays an important role,in the June edition of Money’s Summer Reading List, Jeff Selingo, author of the book There is a life after college,explains the importance of choosing a college based on its location, and the value of graduating without too much debt. Both of these factors, he says, have a major impact on post-graduation success.

Unlike in the past, the location of your college or university is more important than ever, says Selingo. “Hands-on” learning experiences, such as internships and apprenticeships, have shown to be a crucial step in securing a job after graduating. So it makes sense to go to a school near where you can find internships in your chosen field.

  • Population

The size of the city or town where a school is located will likely have a significant effect on its campus culture. For example, heading to the big city may seem exciting, but the reality could be overwhelming. There are several considerations you should take into account, such as whether you enjoy being independent or like having the support of a community, or whether you’re more interested in being part of a city or a campus.

  • Weather

Virtual tours likely show the campus at its best – on the sunniest day with the best-dressed students, and perhaps have even been retouched. Similarly, many students visit colleges during the summer or spring break, when the weather is ideal.

  • Culture

The culture of a city or town is also important. For example,the culture of East and West and North and South are entirely different and contrasting.While we often look for similar culture,food habits and lifestyles patterns,staying in a distant place away from home might lead to a identity crisis within the student where it becomes extremely difficult to connect.

  • Travel

Though many high schools see college as an exciting option to move far away, the reality of living away from home for the first time can be daunting and even lonely. Carefully consider your relationship with your family and how often you’ll want to visit them. College is a time to explore and discover, and while you should take the time to get to know your campus and classmates, you might still want the option to visit home on school breaks and other occasions. Consider how far you’re willing to travel home during the holidays. Also consider the expense of travelling home – a plane ride will likely cost more than a train or bus.


While no one of these factors should exclude a college  from your list, they are all important aspects of location that influence college life and should be taken into consideration before your list of potential schools is complete.

The difficulty of choosing the perfect college notwithstanding,the decision to select the best is paramount.A good college paves the way for a better and sorted future.It opens wide vistas of opportunity and learning.Hence,the location should not be the only deciding factor.The quality of education and opportunities should be the focus.One of the isolated places in India,Pilani has come up with one of the most premier engineering institution of the country,BITS Pilani.So,not choosing a book by its cover is the smart tip!

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