Students normally go berserk after completing 12th.While most opt for degree programmes,many choose to pursue short term/diploma course.Many are faced with the question Why to go for short term/diploma courses?

Diploma programmes are beneficial to students coming from any industry. Today, industries do not want to spend time in training students and getting them equipped with the talents and the skills essential for their job. Most organizations expect employees to start performing on the first day of their job itself. Hence the advent of diploma programmes which equips students with these necessary skills required to meet the job requirements in a particular industry.

Also, there are many professions that really do not require a student to do a degree course. A diploma programme can be enough to get these students a job. Examples of such courses are fashion designing, interior decoration, jewellery designing, travel and tourism, Radio jockeying, food and nutrition, photography, merchandising etc.

The main benefit of a diploma programme is that it saves a lot of time. In a short duration of time, you learn a lot. Another benefit of the programme is that a student can save on the cost because diploma programmes are not as expensive as degree programmes.

Computer graphics and animation is another industry where diploma programmes are being offered on a large scale by various multimedia institutes. Since these jobs require specific technical knowledge, a diploma in this sector is essential for students wanting to get into this rapidly growing industry.

The course curriculum in most diploma programmes is up-to-date and in par with the industrial standards. Hence, you are not just taught bookish theoretical subjects but are also given practical hands-on training in your core area of study. Hence the courses in diploma subjects teach you what is relevant to the current industry.

Diploma allows candidates to have a rewarding job, immediately after three years of matriculation. The course helps them to join as Junior Engineer in railways, central/state departments or PSU. Growing work experience makes it easier for promotions to higher job designations.

Diploma acts as an easy path to join engineering degree. Competition level for diploma to degree is less than 12th to B.Tech/B.E. Moreover, such students can join to 2nd year of engineering course, thereby saving one academic year.

Diploma holders can find engineering degree easier than that of other students, as most of the basics are covered under engineering and diploma are same.

Another benefit of diploma programmes is that since they are offered in different study modes like distance learning, part time, full time etc, it is not just students but working professionals and housewives as well that can take up these courses.

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