Whenever we talk about career,two terms involuntarily pops up in the mind of most Indians-Engineering and Medical.Such is the stereotypical mentality that we tend to overlook the plethora of other courses and the bright future they have to offer.Students have opted for  various job oriented courses apart from engineering and have shown the brightest results.Given below are various job oriented courses apart from engineering  which have shaped career as beautifully as any engineering course.


  • BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is a business oriented course which helps the students in understanding the basics of business and overall management process. The students can choose this course after class 12th, if they want to make their career in the management field. The students can work in management firms, business organizations and IT companies.It is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.

  • Marketing Management

Marketing management is the oldest discipline of management study. It is the one of the highly job oriented specialization of management. It involves the market strategy, market availability, product compatibility, market research and market economy of the business and product. By the growing technology and computerization, digital market is also the simultaneous part of the marketing field. There are lots of opportunities to work with various manufacturing industries.It is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.

  • Human Resource Management

Human resource management is another popular specializations in the field of management study. Human resource manager deals with the workers and employees of the company. The HRM plays the crucial role in facilitating and monitoring the connectivity of workers, training of employees, their salaries, issues, benefits, allowances and recruitment of new employees. It is a very responsible field. HRM manager can be hired in any organization wherein the manpower works.It is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.


  • Animation and Multimedia

Animation is one of the most popular courses for arts students. If you have creativity and skills then this field can provide your ample opportunities. Animation involves creation of objects with computer graphics whose movement or shapes changes continuously. It works on the principle of displaying simultaneous frames in a quick span of time. The most popular courses are 2D and 3D animation. After the completion of this course, you can be a part of movies making, ad making companies, animation and cartoon industries and various other digital works.It is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.

  • Aviation and hospitality management

Aviation is one of the most interesting career fields among the girls. Anyone who wish to fly in the sky and server the people with smile this career can fulfill their dream. Aviation and hospitality management cover the ground and air courses of air hostess and flight steward. It involves the hospitality, customer handling, travel & tourism and aircraft basic training. The course of aviation and management is full of glamor and attitude. After the completion of this course you can go for the hospitality organizations, airlines industries and many hotel industries.It is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.

  • Hotel management and catering

Hotel management is one of the big employment industry in the world. There are a lots of opportunities to work within or after the completion of the course as a manager or executive. It is a professional work in service sector. It involves the management of desk, services, kitchen, catering, bar and hospitality. Chef is one of the popular specializations in catering. After the completion of this course the students are generally employed in the hotel industries, cruiser ships and can even start their own business.It is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.

  • Mass communication

Mass communication covers the fields of media, journalism, films and ads. It involves professional degree and diploma course and provides good job opportunities in various fields like journalism, anchoring, news channels and tv shows. You can go for the media, news reading, editing, journalist, surveyor, social works and many related industries. The scope of mass communication is increasing everyday with the growing scenario of media popularity.

  •  Chartered AccountantThe best professional course for higher education is Chartered Accountancy. The three to five year course, depending upon the amount of time taken to complete it, allows flexibility to work and study.It is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.Indeed, it is mandatory to work while studying. CA course and exam is administered by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and no other college or university is authorized to qualify a person as a CA.

    The course costs around Rs. 50,000 only, which is the cheapest for all profession related studies. An estimated 100,000 students enroll for the CA exams but only three percent actually complete this highly complex and competitive course.

  • NursingIndia requires tens of thousands of nurses, paramedics and care-givers annually due to burgeoning healthcare scenarios.BSc Nursing is an excellent course to study if you possess acumen for caring for humans of all ages and a stomach to witness blood and gore typical to accidents and surgery wards.

    Around 20,000 male and female nurses graduate every year from various medical and nursing colleges in India. Topmost among them are Maharashtra Nursing College, Government College of Nursing, Kerala, Goa Nursing College, various hospitals and medicine study institutes and universities.

    A BSc Nursing degree costs between Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 300,000.

  • Commercial PilotA huge demand for qualified commercial pilots exists in India as the country’s aviation sector witnesses a boom. Flying is also a very lucrative Job oriented courses apart from engineering.It offers commercial pilots an opportunity to see the world. Sadly, training institutes for pilots in India are few. Most aspiring commercial pilots are forced to study abroad or join the Indian Armed Forces for training.

    A flying course costs whopping Rs.2.5 million and upwards. India requires about 8,000 commercial pilots annually to keep airlines operational. Local flying schools account for less than 1,000 trained pilots.

    A bulk of pilots for India’s civil aviation are provided by the Indian Air Force. The only major flying school in India is Government Aviation Training Institute.


Several key factors are considered by students while enrolling for Job oriented courses apart from engineering. In India, the sole decisive factor the tag a student or graduate gets.Youngsters are more inclined to study for medicine, engineering or IT despite inherent shortcomings of the profession. They choose courses that offer them a tag or label that decides their social status.It is always advisable to stand out in the crowd and follow the dreams rather than the tradition.

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