You must have adored a pair of levis of your friend and wished to buy one when you were in higher secondary. You might have admired your friend’s BMW secretly rather than admiring  her girlfriend secretly .

More or less, we all are brand cautious about one thing or another. Than the question arises, what is bad about being brand cautious in selecting educational institutions?

Well there is no right answer to this question. We get whole lot different opinions from people all over India. Some say it is better to think of a college brand value before selecting one as it helps you further in your career enhancement and puts a good impression on interviewer when he sees your resume. On the other hand, people who against brand selection or even branding of educational institutions are putting the logic of too much commercialization of educational system, blaming marketing and advertising strategies are making things worse and encouraging un-necessary brand building competition among educational institutions. Even we as a MBA aspirant, have been victim of this commercialization as we got hell lot of confused while selecting college for us.

Now the million dollar question is does brand really helps you in your career? It is oblivious that the answer can not be straight “yes” or “no”. As a matter of fact brand helps is also true to some extent and it does not help or we may say it raises the expectation level of employer which becomes really hard to deliver and affects employee performance.

Being a brand attached to your degree may give you a good name on your resume, but it comes with a cost. Either you were exceptionally good in study or your father had really deep pocket to get you a management quota seat. Getting a seat in high reputed college does not makes an happy ending to story. Your parents might have helped you to get this brand which may help you get a good start but always remember, It will only help initially. Once your are out of college, it is only you and your work that speaks which is hard to maintain if you haven’t studied much harder in comparison of those students, who were selected on merit. To catch up with them as they were already ahead of you, you need to go few extra mile.

On the other hand, If one takes admission in a good college with good faculty, good placement record and nice environment (environment for study, do not imagine anything else), is among same level of students.  He do not need to do too much extra effort and he will not feel left out in studies as faculty or teaching staffs know the benchmark of students, they will teach them accordingly. If one put extra effort here, he is again ahead of others and will perform exceptionally well in his/her studies and might get the higher placement opportunities than that of their fellow students.


Here are some of the most popular educational brands among students other than IITs and IIMs.

Manipal University

SRM University

VIT University

Narsee Monjee



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