Students from the north and north-eastern states view Karnataka, particularly Bangalore, as full of opportunities for every person to dream to make a career and realize it. The fact that more than 65% of Bangalore’s population consists of migrants from other states is a mark of its cultural diversity.

In fact Karnataka is considered as an eminent knowledge state of India, with a number of public and private institutions that are ranked among the best ones of India.

Also the industrial progress of Bangalore helps every sector and most importantly education. The opportunity of placements linked to their knowledge and qualification draws students to Bangalore to nurture them to be career-centric rather than just being job-centric.

Bangalore has some prominent institutions for management, engineering and even law students.

There are many colleges for law aspirants in every state or city, yet students are mostly not satisfied with the type of education they get from these colleges as legislation related study requires the most practical knowledge. The colleges do claim to provide the best  education but at the end fail to give the practical knowledge that these students require. Therefore instead of relying at any other college of their city students choose to relocate in search of the best college.


Bangalore being one of the dominant education hub of the country becomes first choice of these law students.


Here’s the list of top 10 law colleges of Bangalore :

  1.  National Law School of India University, Bangalore :   Admission through CLAT exam
  2. School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore : Admission through Christ university entrance exam
  3. Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore : Admission through CLAT examination
  4. KLE Society’s Law college, Bangalore : Admission through LSAT India entrance test
  5. MS Ramaiah college of Law, Bangalore : Admission procedure is direct based on merit
  6. Al Ameen College of Law, Bangalore : Admission is based on the merit
  7. AVK Institute of higher learning, Bangalore : Admission through college level test
  8. Abhyudaya group of Institutes, Bangalore : Admission through college level test
  9. Arunodaya Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore : Admission through college level test
  10. Babu Jagjeevan Ram Law College, Bangalore : Admission through college level test

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