Filter students for JEE: Aptitude test put on hold

HRD ministry has put its plan on standby to reform the JEE by introducing an aptitude test for filteration of students.

Govt had to drop this idea after HRD's department of school pointed out that an aptitude test might not be favourable with students from rural and semi-urban backgrounds. An official said "We were told that the aptitude test will go against the principle of equity in education. Students belonging to marginal classes would suffer,".

The ministry also approached to IITs to conduct a single entrance test without the aptitude test but they refused. "IITs do not want to conduct the single test, in which more than 12 lakh students appear. They wanted to conduct something like JEE (advanced) in which fewer students appear after clearing JEE (main)," the source said.
An idea of having a National Authority for Testing (NAT) also has been put on hold. One of the IIT director said, "It is a misconception that students from rural background would have lagged behind in aptitude test. They are not so good in language but superior to urban students." "It is unfortunate that it has been shelved without trying atleast for once."
The new system proposed to create a National Authority for Testing (NAT) that would have conducted an aptitude test to shortlist 4 lakh students who would have appeared for JEE. From JEE, ranks would be issued to 40k+ students who could get admitted to IITs and NITs