Career Options after Class 12 for Arts

Career Options after Class 12 for Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Students who have passed class XII in arts keep Bachelor of Arts (BA) as one of the options to take admission in, as it provides diverse number of options to select from. BA can be pursued in Creative Writing, Economics, English, Fine Arts, Geography & Geology, History, Languages, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Public Administration, and Sociology Social Science & Social Work.

B.A. Economics

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics is an academic degree that gives a chance to the students to explore the subject of Economics and understand its theories with statistical analysis. It helps them understand the principles essential for better economic performance and development.


B.A. Pol Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science enables the students to understand the functional and structural aspects of political system of India. The course lends a better understanding of the processes involved in policy making and also develops the skills to deal with political affairs at national as well as international level.


B.A. Sociology

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is good for those who wish to understand the society and its functional aspects. This course encourages the students to have a closer look at the profile of the Indian society so as to identify its social evils and issues.

B.A. Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism is one of the most sought after courses in India. Being a professional degree, the course promises to modify students into efficient journalist with all the skills that are essential in the media industry. The course is also referred to as Bachelor of Communication and Journalism, Bachelor of Mass Media, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication and Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.


B.A. Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design is another professional course available for the undergraduates. The student can choose and excel in any program of his/ her choice; ranging from Interior Architecture & Design, Communication Design, Luxury Brand Management, Branding & Advertising Management, Textile Design for Fashion & Interiors, Interior Product Design, Jewellery Design, etc.


B.A. Hotel Management

Being born and brought up in Indian society, individuals here acquire a practice of cordial reception of guests. However, to deal with it as a profession, students require special training to manage commercial tasks. Thus, the Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management builds up human assets for the hospitality industry. 

B.A. Event Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Event Management has a great scope in the globalised world of today, offering indefinite job opportunities to the aspirants of this course. This course refines the qualities of the students to infuse in them a perfect blend of excellent imaginative skills, time management, team spirit, as well as communicative abilities so that they become efficient enough to organise, execute and manage all kinds of events.