Difference Between B.E and B.Tech

Difference Between B.E and B.Tech

Diffference between B.E and B.Tech

B.E stands for Bachelor of Engineering and B.Tech stands for Bachelor of Technology.

Now the question arises, is there any difference between B.E and B.Tech degree? This question is generally asked by many students and it is a question that has been debated often among them. B.E and B.Tech both are engineering under-graduation degrees and are of same value. One can gardly make out any diff. between them.

Though earlier B.Teach and B.E were considered as separate degrees, people were not able to make out any distinction between these degrees. But the only difference that can be told about them is that Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is more practical oriented whereas Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) is more theory oriented. This is also an old concept as in both these degrees industrial training is mandatory.

It can also be stated that Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) is knowledge oriented while Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is more bent towards skill orientation. But these differences are also not considered at that extent since both the degrees are skill oriented and knowledge oriented at their own extent.

Earlier there was also a misconception that there was more scope for students who pursued B.Tech degree than those having B.E degree. But the fact is that the scope and future perspectives of both Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree are the same.

Earlier the diff. between B.E and B.Tech was quite noticable and evident. In India, there were two types of Universities. One university offered degrees in fields such as science, engineering, education and arts also. Another type of university, which were named institutes, gave degrees only in engineering. The universities that offered engineering degree along with other degrees gave the Bachelor of Engineering certificate, these were mainly the colleges affliated to govt. universities. The institutes that only taught engineering gave B.Tech degrees, these were the direct universities teaching engineering.



There is no difference between B.E and B.Tech either from student's point of view or the industry's in terms of degree's value, future perspective, eligibility and career development.

Its just earlier colleges used to provide B.E degree and now the trend switch over to B.Tech.

Students are free to go for any degree, they just need to select among the colleges providing engineering degrees.

Both BE and Btech degree have the same scope and eligibility for the future perspective.