Letsenrol College Lime Light

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Letsenrol-College Limelight is a 360 Degree Promotion cum Marketing, Branding cum Public Relations and Reputation Management Program, which deals in promotion via Print Media, Electronic Media, Digital Media, Outdoor Activities and Campaigning Events, Online-Internet-Web or by Above the Line - Below the Line Activities and Campaigns. We try to evolve cutting-edge solutions & strategies for our clients and offering them great value addition from time to time.

Some of our prominent activities are:

School and College Career Guidance Presentations including College Branding:

One of our core products consists of career enhancement and guidance programs that are being conducted in school and colleges. These are conducted in form of career counseling presentations and sessions. The career counseling presentations conclude with some informative slides of prominent colleges presented in form of examples.

Attractive Dedicated Space on Letsenrol.com for grabbing viewer’s attention:

Providing college with the multiple ad spaces on different pages of letsenrol.com to get the maximum attention and outreach to the visitors. This not only builds college’s branding but also provides them with the optimum space to showcase them.

Facebook and other Social Media Marketing:

Facebook and other social media being the most targeted zones in current marketing scenarios, letsenrol provides college with the most emphatic ways to promote the college and its activities through our social media pages.

SMS marketing:

SMS marketing helps to target the designated audience who seemed to be a potential candidate for college. Company research helps to segment the candidates according to their profiles and hence promotion can be done more dominantly and efficiently.


Broadcasting e-newsletters to the concerned students for the regular updates regarding the admission process. It keeps an insight on the day-to-day educational updates and keeps the student aware of the latest rankings and industry trends.

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